Eco- fiber Product Information

The future of Swimming Pool Filtration. It’s Simple. Eco-Fiber is the lightweight alternative to other filter materials and ensures crystal-clear water.

How to use Eco-Fiber

  • Switch the Pump/Filtration system off making it safe to work on.
  • Open the filter lid, replace the bolts in the holes they came from. This avoids sand getting in there while removing the old sand.
  • Remove all the old sand, being careful not to damage any of the filter fingers inside, ensure that the filter fingers are not blocked with sand and clean if necessary
  • Once all the sand is out, ensure the breather pipe is not blocked. (If your filter is fitted with one)
  • Rinse the filter with clean water doing your best to get rid of excess dirt which may have been left inside. The hard part is done.

How long does Eco-Fiber last?

Every Swimming pool is different, condition and environment depict how often ECO-FIBER® would need to be cleaned. We recommend once every 3 months, some pools go 6 and others even 12 months. However, your Automatic Pool Cleaner is the tell-tale. When it starts to get sluggish, basically the ECO-FIBER® is saturated with dirt and in

  • Switch the system off and open the filter lid.
  • Remove all the ECO-FIBER® from the filter.
  • Do your best to remove the remaining sediment & dirt from the bottom of the filter.
  • Using a bucket with clean water, dip and squeeze the dirty ECO-FIBER® blocks as your would do rinsing a bath sponge. You will need to replenish the bucket a few times with clean water.
  • Once clean, add ECO-FIBER® back into the filter.

Water and Electricity Savings by Switching to Eco-Fiber

Each pool differs in flow rate depending on pump size, distance from pool etc. etc., but, assuming the following;

  1. A 0.75kw pump has a flow rate of 266lt a minute.
  2. It uses 750 Watts per hour
  3. Cost of water is 0.0135c per litre
  4. Cost of electricity is 0.001c per Watt


  • 226lt x 0.0135c per litre = R3.50 per minute.
  • 50 x 8 minutes backwash and rinse = R28 per backwash.
  • R28 x 2 backwash per month = R56 per month.
  • R56 x 36 months (3 years) = R2016 water saving over 3 years.



  • 001c x 750 Watts per hour = 0.75c per hour.
  • 75c per hour x 2 hours a day = R1.50 per day x 7 days = R10.50 per week.
  • 50 x 4.2 weeks a month = R44 per month.
  • R44 per month x 36 months = R1584 electricity saving over 3 years.

 A total of R3600 savings in Water and Electricity over 3 years

based on current rates which will be going up drastically over the next few years.

How to clean Eco-Fiber



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